World O-Cha Festival

For the past few days, I’ve been retiring to bed with a distinctly umami taste in my mouth from all the tea I’ve been drinking at the World O-CHA Festival. It isn’t a bad thing at all, but it is a foreign feeling nevertheless. I love how despite the language barrier, the love of good tea serves as a cohesive factor with all the different people I’ve met from all over the world – from a Czech musician to a chai producer from Sri Lanka. Here are the highlights:

The most gorgeous Sencha I’ve ever tried from Hamamatsu, a Western city in Shizuoka.

Listening to a very wise sensei Watanabe-san who incidentally also makes his own tea utensils from scratch.

Plenty of booths bursting with all kinds of new and exciting ideas about tea – a great event to pick up on what are tea’s latest trends.

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