Tardy Tea

I really hate being late. But it seems that these days, I’m more late than early for most appointments with traffic jams and crowded trains and spillovers from earlier meetings. It really riles me up. I break out into a cold sweat. My heart starts beating faster. And I cannot stop looking at my watch, watching all those seconds tick by.

This is why it’s important that when I finally reach my destination, I NEED to get a soothing cuppa’ tea/herbal tea to help me wind down from my tardiness and get back to being normal me. Here are some picks:

Peppermint: Such a refreshing yet calming brew. Its soothing aroma always reminds me to take in deep breaths and chill.

Chamomile: Well, yes, it’s supposed to make you sleepy. But when you’re pretty high up there in the stress levels, it produces a calming effect. All about relativity.

Chai: A really strong black tea with a huge dollop of condensed milk: A huge cup of comfort this one.

White tea (specifically Silver Needle): Its floral, apricoty aroma cheers me up and its light, subtle taste just speaks to you: “Take it easy, mon”.

This selection also helps me when I have to wait for tardy people and I begin shaking my feet vigourously under the table. It saves me a couple of blue-blacks.


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