Here’s are some funny tea commercials to get you in a peppy mood this weekend 🙂

The One with Flying Pandas and Mary Poppins Geishas
Did you know that Nestle came up with a tea version of the Nespresso called Special T? I think it has only been launched in France and while waiting for it to make its way to Asia,  can I say that I absolutely dig its fairytale-like television commercial? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more trippy and whimsical – look out for the panda floating around in a parachute, he is so adorbs. I also never knew “Fujian” could be said in such a sexy, exotic way.

The One with Transferrable Fats
Trust the Thais to come up with something zany and in-your-face. I think this is probably every woman’s fantasy and clever Oishi pandered their “slimming” green tea product right up the female market alley.

The One with Steve Jobs speaking Mandarin
Ok, while this is a hard sell kind of ad  by Teastyle Taiwan that is letting people know they can win an iPad 2 by buying some not-so-healthy sweetened iced tea (Tongyi Cha), I give full cultural props for creating a commercial that has since gone globally viral. As an Apple user and Steve Jobs fan, I have to say this definitely got my attention. The ang moh accented Mandarin is kind of cute too.


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