Mellow Yellow

I have been told by more than one person that yellow tea is calming and especially good for men (was not provided with the technical explanations on why this is so).

While I am not male, I could always do with some kit kat breaks minus the kit kat. So, right now, I am drinking a Huoshan Large Leaf Yellow Tea. It is pretty soothing – slightly woody aroma with sweet chestnut notes and a nice leafy freshness lingering on the palate. I’m on the 4th brew now and the taste is still going strong!

So what is yellow tea? Simply put, I’ve been told to look at it as a green tea gone a bit mutant – some dampness is introduced in the green tea processing, causing the leaves to turn yellow. It was considered a pretty exclusive tea only meant for the Emperor and his imperial folk given that yellow was viewed as a royal colour in the Chinese court. I guess it can be my princess tea.

What is interesting about yellow tea is that it smells like red/black tea, looks like white tea and has a taste profile like green tea. So it’s like getting the best of three worlds, in a sense.

I’m always amazed how there are always new things to learn about tea 🙂

But for now, let me just ‘nuah’ for a little bit more.




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