Zheng He Tea House, Melaka

Owner Ms Pak Siew Yong

Hello, I’m in one of my favorite places in the world – Melaka! The food here is amazing – it tastes just like how Singaporean food used to taste back in the ’80s. However, there is only so much chendol, chicken rice balls and laksa I can stomach so yesterday afternoon, I went around looking for a tea place to chill out at.

Just a street away from the hustle and bustle of Jonker Walk is Zheng He Tea House, which is run by a friendly and smiley Ms Pak. It’s housed in this spacious, breezy shophouse and if you’d like to have a tasting session with Ms Pak, it just costs 20 ringgit!

Ms Pak serves you tea personally

I find it interesting that every tea person I meet has a very unique tea philosophy, so I enjoyed listening to Ms Pak’s ideas. For one, she doesn’t sell the more delicate green or white teas because she says they don’t keep well in tropical weather, and that it is against her principles to be selling things that “won’t taste as good as they should be”. She does have a wide range of black, oolong and fermented teas though, and I had a nice time sipping a Da Hong Pao from Wuyi mountains and a Dancong oolong from Chao Zhou.

She also talked about her collection of clay tea pots and how the remnant tea oil over time gives them a pretty shine. It’s kind of strange, but all her little pot stories reminded me of someone talking about how they got to know their best friends in school, and this infectious passion somehow persuaded me to get a Duan Ni white clay Yixing teapot to bring home.

Little Tea Girl, Jian Xi (Ms Pak's daughter)

All in all, it was a lovely rainy afternoon spent here. It’s a very relaxing place and not as formal/rigid as a “typical” Chinese tea house. It’s almost like visiting a friend’s home 🙂 Do drop by this place if you’re in Melaka – drinking tea here is also an ideal way to “cleanse” the tummy for more feasting!

Zheng He Tea House
No. 3 Jalan Kampong Kuli
75200 Melaka
Tel: 016-764 0588 

For more information, you can join their Facebook page here

p/s: It’s quite sad that I only seem to have the time to visit tea places when I’m NOT in Singapore. But I’m hoping to do my rounds in the Lion City in the coming year – there are all these tea spots I’ve been meaning to check out!


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