A Grumpy Christmas Tea Comic

By Reader May

I’m a Christmas Grinch – despite the fact that I’m a Christian and have a family that likes to make a big deal about this event. So I thought I’d put this somewhat grumpy tea comic that a reader, May, sent over sometime back. Actually, more specifically, she’d sent over a homemade notebook and had done this illustration as a cover design. It’s inspired from this artwork titled “Anarchy in the UK“, which is incidentally also a Sex Pistols song (my knowledge of punk rock ends here).

Anyway, I like unexpected gifts from strangers (who doesn’t?) and her sweet gesture is a lovely embodiment of the Christmas spirit of giving. The comic also made me laugh (in a grinchly, sardonic way).

In any case, the image above is somewhat related to my Christmas so far. You see, last year, I gave quite a few friends and family this pretty awesome tea as gifts, which I realised that NONE of them actually touched – I know this because I served the very same tea during this year’s Christmas Eve party and all of them reacted like it was their first time drinking it. Oh well, at least NOW they are excited to try it in their own homes! 😉

Hope you are enjoying your festivities!


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