Flower Power

While in Hong Kong, a friend living there recommended me to visit Fook Ming Tong(福茗堂) Tea Shop to pick up some flower teas. I sucked in my minor claustrophobia and jostled through crowds to visit their shop in ifc.

My friend told me to look for a patient, nurturing lady who would explain their products very nicely. However, when I got there, a rather terse, middle-aged guy told me that I was not allowed to take a photograph of the store (see illicit image above). The store experience was generally quite tense because he tailed me very closely, but would only give 3-word replies when I asked him about the products e.g. “good for stomach”, “smell the leaves”.

So I just stuck to my friend’s recommendation and got myself a packet of their Hangzhou Osmanthus. To be fair, stoic store guy gave me a useful tip with this purchase –  “drink with honey”.

Today, I just did that and it was quite lovely and therapeutic. When I opened the packet, I immediately sniffed out a lovely floral-citrusy-honeysuckle bouquet even before brewing  Do grab a pack of this when you are in Hong Kong – I only found out after I got back that there are Fook Ming Tong stores in the airport as well so you can conveniently go tea shopping just before you leave (doh!).

– Shop 3006, Podium Level 3, ifc Mall, Central, Hong Kong
– 7E143, Departure Hall, Passenger Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport

Please visit http://www.fookmingtong.com for more information and store locations.


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