T Ching Photo Contest Winner!

I just found out I won the T Ching Photo Contest with this old photo I took during a Japanese tea ceremony – the prize is…more teaware, YAY!

Incidentally, the lady here was the “substitute teacher” and was particularly fierce. In fact, I snapped this shot with trembling hands on the sly (hence shaky figure) and immediately got told off for not being respectful. I remember how she liked to suck in her breath very hard every time I spilled something (and I was/am a spiller).

But oh well, it all worked out – if that tea teacher hadn’t been so scary, I wouldn’t have been able to unintentionally produce such an exotic image full of mystique 😛

Update: here’s my cool prize – a tree-themed clay teapot set (wooden tray is from Muji) 


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  1. Michelle Rabin
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 23:17:51

    Hello Melanie. If you email me your mailing address, it will be my pleasure to send you your T Ching photo contest prize.
    You can reach me at michelle@tching.com


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