Random Tea Bonding

This is something I’d wanted to write about a while back but somehow got distracted along the way.

A few months ago, I met two ladies at tea class. Usually, I’m not very chatty  with the other students taking lessons because I try to be focused. However, the teacher told the three of us, “Make friends with each other! You will get along.” So after we were done with most of our learning stuff, we introduced ourselves to each other and proceeded to talk tea for the next two hours. And by talk, I mean really talk and not just the usual social pleasantries.

I really enjoyed this interaction for several reasons. For one, I’m a shy person who usually takes several weeks/months to warm up to people. So to be able to yap with them for 120 minutes, that’s really saying something. Secondly, I was quite tired of making new acquaintances, but never getting any sense of what they were like because of wary grown-up shells. These ladies, however, were really quite open and down-to-earth and didn’t have anything to prove, which I found absolutely refreshing. Lastly, 99% of my friends have no idea why I’m so crazy about tea – so to be able to share my enthusiasm with like-minded people at a similar wavelength: pure awesomeness!

However, because of busyness, I’ve lost touch with them – so this is a reminder to myself that once this hectic period is over (end March), I’m going to drop them a note!


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