Allerines Premium Tea: Review & Promo

A while back, I received some really fun tea samples from Wyna of Allerines Premium Tea, a Singapore-based online tea shop that sells high quality, loose leaf blended tea packed in pyramids. I really like their clean, down-to-earth packaging, which somehow matches their objective to educate people on tea in a friendly way (they even have a live chat function on their website for any tea-related queries). Like me, Wyna got hooked on tea while studying in Australia and decided to set up Allerines with some friends in October 2011. They sell 27 unique blends, and have plans to expand their range. That’s great news, because I really like the creative concoctions they have come up with so far!

HERBAL TEA (Caffeine-free)

(L-R): Counting Sheep, Lemon Tart

Counting Sheep: Chamomile flowers, lemon balm, blackcurrant leaves, peppermint leaves, sunflowers and heather
You know how most Chamomile tisanes have a tendency to have this soily, slightly bitter aftertaste that many of us try to hide with honey? Well, the good news is that this blend has naturally sweet floral end notes and can be drunk very comfortably on its own. The peppermint is subtle, but enough to give a refreshing zing.

Lemon Tart: Organic rooibos, lemon pieces, lemon peel, lemongrass and sunflowers
It’s a bit of an acquired taste, this aromatic, citrusy rooibos blend. But I’d say that for people who like to drink sour plum water and nibble on preserved lemon peel, this is definitely the drink for you!

GREEN TEA (Tip: Let the boiled water cool for a few minutes)

(L-R): Sakura, Bohemian Rasberry, Minty Cool Lime

Sakura: Sencha, green jasmine tea, cherry pieces, rose hip skin, jasmine flowers, peonies, roses
I kind of dig the sencha-jasmine tea combination, it goes really well with all the other flowers in it. The slightly salty-bitter sencha brings depth to the floral tones.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Sencha, rose hip skin, mint leaves, raspberries, sunflowers, mallow flowers
I love berries, but I usually don’t like berry teas because they tend to taste very sour and artificial. This berry tea however, is PERFECT. It’s *almost* like a light, unsweetened version of Ribena with a slight hint of mint. My favourite of the lot.

Minty Cool Lime: Sencha, lemon pieces, lemon slices, lemon balm, spearmint leaves, sunflowers, lime flavouring, aloe leaves
This is not as citrusy as the Lemon Tart rooibos and would make an interesting alternative to lemonade. I was thinking that perhaps throwing in some pandan leaves to the brew might make this the perfect iced tea for this hot weather. I like how the green tea and mint give this zesty tea blend a smooth and cleansing finish.


(L-R): Irish Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel Dream, Spring Time

Irish Chocolate: Black Ceylon tea, chocolate, Irish Cream flavouring
Frankly, I’m from the school of thought that you should just have the REAL THING to get your phenylethylamine fix. However, this does taste pretty close to chocolate (even without sugar), so if you are looking for a low-calorie alternative to a Mars Bar, then this is something to consider.

Vanilla Caramel Dream: Black Assam tea, pieces of caramel, vanilla cornflowers
This is an ideal tea for “beginners” with its creamy vanilla notes. The best way for me to describe its taste: liquid marshmallow. Yum.

Spring Time: Black Ceylon tea, lemongrass, candied pineapple bits, apple bits, orange peel, ginger bits, cardamom, coconut rasps, red currants and sunflower blossoms
It’s like a Chai tea fruit punch with muted spiciness. This blend is still pretty sassy though, and definitely makes a pleasant morning perk-me-up.


Here comes a little perk which I’m so happy to offer to fellow tea lovers (thanks Wyna!):

Get a 10% DISCOUNT on Allerines Premium Tea products just by keying in the voucher code LADYTEAMEL when you buy from their online shop.

Take note though, this offer is only valid for the month of March and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Allerine promotions and/or gift sets.


Images courtesy of Allerines Premium Tea


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