Faraway Tea Gift

I’m so thankful for  this package from the Wangs came this week. I’ve been scurrying about trying to make work deadlines, and I’m also in the midst of trying to churn out a little story each day for the A-Z Challenge and all this has been making feel quite flustered and sleep-deprived!

So when this package came from China, I happily brought the teas to sample during tea class and spent a blissful 2 hours just chilling and sipping and getting some sanity restored back into my muddled ol’ head.

These two teas are from Wuyi Mountains: a Lapsang Souchong (正山小种) and a Da HongPao (大红袍) that Wang Xi specially sourced straight from a “classic tea farmer” (not quite sure what that means, but it sounds credible!). One is sweet and fruity while the other is subtly smoky and woody. Both lovely, surprisingly gentle dark teas that lovingly nudged me back to some semblance of clarity and wakefulness.


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