Teyvika: Two Men and Their Tea

James and Yuchang

The more I learn about tea, the more I appreciate the culture and philosophy behind drinking this beverage. At the same time however, I am made more aware of how traditional tea ceremonies are just so alien to the frantic, 21st century urban way of life, and this chasm is often hard a hard one to cross, especially when there are so many other funky drinks to get distracted by (artisanal coffee! bubble tea!).

This is why I am absolutely fascinated by this modern teahouse that’s just popped up in Singapore’s CBD a few months back. It’s called Teyvika, and it looks like a chirpy froyo outlet.

Happy colours

Do not be fooled by its fun interiors though! The two guys who set it up – James Wong and Ho Yuchang (see top pic) – are very serious about their tea (check out their selection below) and have even created a prototype “Vika Machine” that prepares tea based on Chinese tea ceremony brewing techniques. I had a mug of Gao Shan Cha oolong tea and was surprised at how delicate and sweet it tasted despite the “automated” preparation method.

I really do think it’s high time that Singapore gets an accessible”Starbucks” tea sort of place like this so more people find out what good quality tea that is stored and brewed properly tastes like. If you work around here, you know where to get a good cuppa!

97 Amoy Street, Singapore 069917

Images courtesy of Teyvika Pte Ltd

Update: Do take note that Teyvika is no longer at Amoy Street – they are currently searching for a new cafe location so stay tuned!


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