In the Mood for Tea

I generally don’t get angry easily, but when I do, I get very, very angry. It’s not the most PRish of temperaments, and I try to hold back on expressing that anger immediately these days because at the heart of every conflict lies a variety of perspectives that need to be considered before making one’s stand.

It just so happened yesterday that I got into a huge, horrible argument with someone just before tea class, which is just as well because I needed that space to calm myself down. When I first started preparing the tea, I forgot many of the steps and was just rushing through the process. I also was totally pissed at how long the water took to warm up.

But over the next two hours, as I started sipping the tea and listening to my tea lao shi telling me to slow down, I felt my heartbeat return to its regular rate and I became more collected and at peace.

What I really appreciate is that my tea teacher was also having a bad day, but she was big-hearted enough to notice that I was “all over the place”. She didn’t probe, but she gave some very good general life advice which applied so aptly to the situation I was facing.

I’m beginning to understand why some people say that tea is not just good for health, but for the heart as well.


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  1. Miss Tea Delight
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 06:17:10

    I just was in the middle of watching a Chinese play: Cha2 Guan3 by Lao2 She3. In very thick Beijing accent, one of the lines read: 喝口茶,消消气。 Works wonders for me too 😉


  2. MoonWynd Studio
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 10:47:46

    ‘atta girl! c-a-l-m is best. I flip out too sometimes, must be my Scorpio. What’s the point?…when it just disturbs your own peace. Always remember: somebody else’s ‘stuff’, is somebody’s else’s ‘stuff’. Feel the joy of knowing, it doesn’t belong to you! ….ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..


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