A Tea Feast

Recently, I received a lunch invitation from the people at BP de Silva. While they are best known as jewellers, they also own a variety of businesses, including Clipper Tea. This tea label isn’t sold in supermarkets, but you will find it in quite a number of restaurants, cafes and hotels in Singapore.

In any case, we met for lunch at La Villa (also owned by BP de Silva), an Italian restaurant which occupies what was once River Valley Primary School’s canteen. Love the white-washed interiors, made all the more dreamy on a rainy afternoon.

So of course, it comes as no surprise that Clipper tea is served at La Villa. But wait – there are also a couple of food items in the menu that feature tea in it! I decide to go the whole hog and get a full-fledged tea feast.

The first course is an Earl Grey consommé with scallops, prawns, cod fish and julienne vegetables. It’s a mild, soothing appetizer with a hint of citrus zing. Somehow, there’s a sort of herbal taste to this which is slightly reminiscent of bak kut teh.

Next up: Oven-roasted sea bass with pan-seared potatoes, spinach and green tea infusion. This is one beautifully-cooked fish – crispy on the outside and soft and flaky in the inside. It’s made all the more delectable by the green tea infusion, which I’m told is actually made from matcha powder hence the sweet, vegetal creaminess.

For dessert, I have a passionfruit tea panna cotta. I love this! It’s light and has this beautiful, smooth texture (when it’s served to you, it wobbles a lot – I now take that as a sure sign of a good panna cotta). My favourite bubble tea flavour used to be passionfruit black tea, so this was a little nostalgic for me. I also got to try a bit of their Tearamisu dessert, which is essentially Tiramisu but instead of soaking the savoiardi biscuits in coffee, they are soaked in Earl Grey syrup instead.

I never knew having tea in food could be so much fun. Even better when the entire lunch conversation is about tea too!

La Villa
341 River Valley Road
Singapore 238372
Tel: 68365286
Web: http://www.lavilla.sg


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