Going herbal (for a while)

Two weeks ago, the doctor put me on a tea ban because for the first time in my life, I had an excruciating gastric episode that lasted for days. It was probably due to a combination of consecutive food reviews (sometimes part of my work) + stress + worry and my digestive system just went haywire. Sigh. But yes, the doctor was very firm about going caffeine-free and so I complied.

Fortunately, during this tea-free period, I received some organic herbal tea samples from Mekhala, a lifestyle brand from Chiang Mai that has actually started selling some of their skincare and wellness products in Singapore (e.g. they are sold at Four Seasons organic markets). In particular, their Fragrance Herbal Tea (S$19.90 for 40 tea bags) blend got me through this iffy time.

This herbal tea is a soothing, aromatic combination of ginger, galangal, lemongrass and pandan – it really just brings me back to those happy moments lazing at a beach spa. There’s such a natural taste to it and has a beautiful liquor colour. Hit just the right spot.

I’d say this is a great after-meal, wind-down drink to sip every night. You and your tummy will feel immensely comforted.


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