Monkey See Monkey Drink

Tai Ping Hou Kui (太平猴魁) – Peaceful Monkey King Green Tea

My friend passed me some of this tea from her precious stash after a trip to China (apparently from a “powerful government official”).I am always amazed how there are always new tastes to be discovered with Chinese tea *swoon*

This green tea is called Tai Ping Hou Kui, which translated in English means Peaceful Monkey King – a really cute name! It is one of China’s top 10 famous teas, and grows in the foothills of Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province.

So usually, my tea teacher gets quite suspicious when I decide to BYOT (bring your own tea) for lessons…most of the time the tea we bring she deems as subpar or “ok lah” at best. But when she saw me took out a bag of these beautiful jade green leaves that are shaped like feathers, she got pretty excited. She even got me a new aluminium vacuum bag to store them in because “such good tea needs to be stored properly”. And even when there were a few tiny shreds left from the original packaging, she told me to scoop them up and put them in the new bag because “such good tea must never go to waste”.

So what is the taste like? It’s magical – like a sweeter, lighter version of gyokuru but leaves a lovely dewy note that lasts in your mouth for a while. For now, this is my preciousssssssss!

Magic in a cup (even if it looks a bit like boiled cabbage here)


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