Timmy the Tenacious Teabag


Copyright: Sheryl Khor

I’ve written an illustrated e-book of short stories called “Imaginary Friends: 26 Fables for the Kid in Us“. Essentially, it’s a collection of stories about stationery items, grocery produce, and assorted animals learning valuable lessons about life. (Yes, really.) Of course, it was necessary for me to throw a teabag into this mix – and so here you have Timmy the Tenacious Teabag.

I think my idea for this character came about from this line that’s attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt:

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.”

Well, obviously, I take issue with this quote. For one, I prefer loose leaf tea. Also, why must a tea bag be female? And yes, for certain types of tea, the water cannot be too hot or the tea will just be burnt and bitter.

So of course, for my teabag – I made him male. And also, he doesn’t have a very happy ending. But let me not give away too much. If you’re interested in buying the e-book, it’s available on Kobo, Lybrary and ReaderStore. There’s also a Facebook Page.


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