Eagle Tea Merchant: May You Soar to Great Heights!

This post was something I’d wanted to do ages ago, but better late than never I guess. And it’s kind of fitting to promote a local tea company on National Day heh.

Sometime in June, the ladies from Pekoe & Imp asked if I wanted to accompany them for a puerh tasting session. Immediately, a vision of going to some old, dusty Chinese tea shop and having some bearded uncle tsk-tsking me for knowing nothing about puerh came to mind. But I thought that sounded quite exotic (am a little perverse that way) and agreed to go.

Eventually, I found myself going to some industrial building and meeting this guy in a modern grey office space.
eagle1This is Alex, who recently set up an online tea shop called Eagle Tea Merchant that specialises in (pretty affordable!) puerh. We were all pretty surprised when we met him. Imp said he sounded “youngish” over the e-mails, and we were expecting someone in his mid-30s perhaps, but no, it was this zesty guy in his 20s who talked really fast and giggled a lot.

We had a pretty long tea chat that afternoon. Alex has spent a few years researching on puerh and teaware in Yunnan and quite frankly, I get quite lost when he’s “talking puerh” with the serious tea people because a lot of Mandarin is involved. But suffice to say, he knows his stuff and he made an effort to explain things to me as simply as possible. He seems to like raw puerh a lot. And they all tasted quite lovely with lovely plummy, raisin, fruity, nectariney notes.


This is a 2013 昔归生普耳 (Xigui Raw Puerh).

Anyway, here’s an observation. I notice that most of the Singaporean guys here who express an inclination towards tea will almost always say their favourite type of tea is puerh. I’m not sure if it’s because puerh is seen as more manly or it’s something to do with testosteroney tastebuds. Whatever the case, I think that if you’re a not-too-uncle male in Singapore who would really like to know more about puerh, then Eagle Tea Merchant is the place to start! Contact Alex and arrange a tasting session. It’s a very friendly, bro sort of environment. In fact, soon after my session at Eagle Tea Merchant, a male reader of this blog dropped me a note about his love for puerh. I referred him to Alex and he has become a big Eagle fan ever since. True story!

Eagle Tea Merchant
28 Sin Ming Lane #04-145
Midview City
Singapore 573972

E-mail alex@eagleteamerchant.com if you’d like to arranging a tasting session 🙂

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