Review: Revisiting White & Raw Teas (from Teavivre)


Many years ago, a friend served a pot of white tea after dinner at her place. It was my first exposure to Chinese tea beyond Chineserestaurantstuff, and I was intrigued that such a tea could exist. As such, I’ve always had a soft spot for white tea, even if some of my recent experiences with (flavoured) white tea have left a  bad taste in my mouth.

So when Teavivre offered to send me white tea samples, I was game (especially since I’ve really enjoyed reviewing their teas here and here). Besides that they also popped in two raw pu-erhs in the mix as well. It was a lovely, soothing tasting session and here are my thoughts:


Organic Silver Needle: I started with this first thinking it would be the lightest. But frankly, everything else paled in comparison after this. It was unforgettable. The sweetness! The smoothness! Upon my first sip, I felt this urge to caress these dear leaves, which were kind of cute because they were also so plump and furry. This is definitely one of the better Silver Needle tea I’ve had in my life, and I was actually surprised at how fresh the tea tasted given I received this package three months ago (oops). Besides its lovely steamed chestnut notes (so much nuttier than other Silver Needle teas I’ve had in the past), I also got hints of greengrapiness…I don’t know why but I thought of those Little Twin Star bonbons I used to get at birthday parties. Do they still sell those?


Organic White Peony: Poor fella here faced some stiff competition. While it is a heavier white tea, it really tasted much flatter in comparison to the Silver Needle. But it’s really a great quality bai mu dan. For one, there were these lovely dewy grassy notes to it and I love its dark green leafy colour. I would say it makes a great “starter” white tea.


Fuding Shou Mei 2013: This aged white tea, which came in a cake form, intrigued me. I felt like it tasted like raisins and cinnamon, and that was a very pleasant surprise.  I reckon this would taste really good with Christmas rum cake! Though of course, given how this tea is relatively light, it’s best enjoyed on its own!


Fengqing Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2006: A robust, honeyed brew. I think this is a tea that really showcases the good features of raw pu-erh. It’s much lighter than the usual aged pu-erh but still has plenty of depth. I detected woody, plummy, grassy hay notes.


Jasmine Raw Pu-erh Mini Tuocha: Unfortunately, I felt that the natural, mellow taste of the pu-erh was masked by the jasmine. However, this is really a lovely jasmine flavour. I don’t feel like I’m drinking liquid perfume and it brought back (happy) memories of dimsum high teas. For jasmine tea fans, this is a tea blend you could explore.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rose
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 11:18:16

    Hello. I am so glad to meet people who love tea. My favourite is jasmine silver needle, but the only one I’ve had is by Jing. I can drink it all day. For black teas Swedish soder tea is lovely, but there are many others. I would be grateful to know of tea tasting sessions – the only one I’ve been to was at Tea Bone Zen Mind when they were near Raffles Hotel. I’m so happy to have found your blog.


    • mel
      Mar 10, 2015 @ 18:12:35

      Nice to “meet” you too Rose! I’ve had some Jing Tea when I stayed at Westin last year and it was good! Do try the high tea set at Tian Fu Tea Room at Si Chuan Dou Hua (Park Royal on Beach Road) !


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