Tea’s a Company

tc1I love drinking tea with a friend – just one – and being able to talk about life intimately and honestly. It is especially magical when said friend is Liz Steel, a legendary (and lovely) urban sketcher who chronicled our time together with such beautiful illustrations. What’s interesting is that with this record, I can even remember what she said at each tea/dish. Given how life seems to whizz by so quickly these days, I’m inspired by her to record more. I don’t really blog regularly these days but you can find my random thoughts on-the-go at @melanderings if you find my posts here too dated 😉


I love drinking tea with a group of tea-loving friends. I appreciate their grace in brewing tea and attention to aesthetic detail (see @pekoeimp as well as @julieteabits). The ambient chatter makes the tea taste sweeter, and there are always new things to learn (would like to hunt down some Sparrow Tongue green tea soon). We may all be in very different stages of our lives, and possibly very different wavelengths when it comes to religion or politics, but in this space, we are comfortable, accepting company.


I love drinking tea alone. I consider it a blessing that a client’s office was near one of my favourite tea/Thai places, and so I’ve spent countless afternoons here this year winding down, clearing my head, reflecting and regrouping. At this point of my life, mess (in both bad and fun forms) is really the default state on most days. Tea in solitude has given me the much-needed pockets of clarity I need.

How about you? How has tea been your companion? I would love to hear from you!


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  1. John B
    Oct 28, 2015 @ 23:12:00

    I go overboard with tea, so it’s just nonstop, but I don’t drink it with tea friends much. I don’t suppose you have input about what is ina very traditional form of Thai iced tea? I’ve researched maybe orange blossom and crushed tamarind seeds. But I like Wuyi Yancha best myself. Also can you recommend a Singapore Chinatown shop I can pass on? I live in Bangkok, so not for me.


    • mel
      Oct 28, 2015 @ 23:19:43

      Hi John, a Thai friend whipped up Thai iced tea from scratch and it was really the authentic stuff which I can just inhale. She did not add anything fancy though. She says that you just buy the crappiest tea fannings possible and strain with a “sock” and add LOTS of sweetened condensed milk and crushed ice. Re: Chinatown tea shop – Pek Sin Choon (36 Mosque Street) is a classic.


  2. Jan Manarang
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 13:18:17

    I really had a good read with this one. Thanks for sharing!


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