Tea in Tokyo (in Six Haikus)

Last month, I had a fantastic trip to Tokyo with family and while most of it centred around theme park rides, I managed to hastily check out two highly-recommended tea spots. And because there are a couple of writing deadlines looming over me, I don’t feel like churning out copious amounts of text right now. If you don’t mind, this post will be done haiku-style!



So hard to find; when
found, told to sit and nibble
crunchy Sencha leaves 


delighted with sweets
that are not too sweet and still 
let tea play with tongue


this tea makes my soul
unfold to taste the sweetness 
of a rainy day



Upstairs, I sit down
alone, I am a leaf that
reaches towards light


Downstairs, I hold my 
wallet tight as it tries to 
fly to the cashier

tokyo6pink rice flour transforms
from sticky to sacred on  
magical glass shard


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